As you know, former Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Sam Hurd was officially indicted last week on federal drug charges for which he was arrested last month. The 6 year NFL veteran was released from the Bears in December after being arrested in a sting operation by an undercover Homeland Security agent. According to the indictment, Hurd and another individual are accused of running a multi-state drug trafficking ring. Hurd apparently came under the watchful eye of the federal government during the summer of 2011, and after a lengthy investigation, was arrested — this, likely ending his NFL career.

Of course all details aside, I wonder how a professional athlete making millions of dollars and living a life of luxury could sink into the criminal underworld without a thought? What would make Sam Hurd do such a thing? (This is not a presumption of guilt, he has not been convicted. I am simply making an argument.)

Was it greed that lured him into illegal narcotics? Perhaps his generous NFL salary wasn’t enough to satisfy him. Was it desperation? Maybe Sam Hurd was in some sort of financial bind. Either he — like many NFL athletes over the years — made bad investments, or had way too many family members to support. Keep in mind, the investigation is said to have began back in July of 2011. Could it be that he decided that dope-dealing was the only option to make money during the lockout? Did he squander his earnings with foolish spending habits? Or is there an addiction that no one is aware of? Let me remind you, Hurd has never failed a drug test.

Did he originally do this as a favor to someone, before getting himself “in” too deep? Or was he forced into it? Maybe there are other criminal elements involved that we are not aware of? But if he indeed committed these acts of which he is accused, I can only ask why?

Before the arrest, Sam Hurd had a reputation of being a religious, family man committed to his wife and child. On the field, he had a reputation of being a dependable wide receiver when called upon — though most of his contributions to the Bears this past season were on special teams.

The allegations against Sam Hurd are disturbing enough, but what disturbs me even more is the report that other NFL players could be involved. Those reports have yet to be confirmed or proven, as many rumors have been spread wildly since Sam Hurd’s arrest, but remain disconcerting to say the least.

The most vicious of those rumors say that some of Hurd’s former Dallas teammates could possibly be involved. Bears Running Back Marion Barber and Wide Receiver Roy Williams were named in these dirty rumors. But again, these rumors have remained unfounded thus far. God forbid any additional players are involved as it would be a huge can of worms that will open up upon the head of NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell.

Goodell would naturally come under fire because of his strict personal conduct policies he enacted shortly after he took over as NFL Commissioner. At the moment, that’s neither here nor there.

The legal process must play itself out, but I think it is safe to say that Sam Hurd’s career is over. Now it’s just a matter of how much time he will ultimately receive. Considering the load of evidence against him, it’ll be hard to completely beat any of those federal charges.

I guess I only ask that you pray for Sam Hurd’s family because at the end of the day, they are the ones suffering because of this.


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